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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

silky sock stash and Halloween with Mr B

I fell in love with these socks and had to have my own. I fell in love with them last week when Brynne posted a progress photo and , now I've got the yarn. Maybe after I finish one of my three pairs on the needles, I can cast on and have my own. Not sure I'll make them as matchy-matchy as Brynne did. But, I love them anyway. I got three colors on eBay really cheap because I'm a yarn hog and not particular about ball bands and dye lots on my socks. Yes, I know the two on the left don't look quite right together, but they're for socks.

Halloween was fun yesterday. B and I hung out in the morning and went to daycare for his parade and party. I had to walk in the parade with him or he was going to melt down. See, we didn't follow the normal drop off routine so he was freaked out. But, it was all good. He made a great Spider-Man and had fun. Then we went home and ate crap had a late nap and did trick or treating about quarter of five. B thought he could go in the car, so I had to push him in the stroller. It was beautiful day and I worked up a sweat pushing him around and lifting him in and out and up and down stairs. He had fun, though. Then we made sugar cookies for daddy and he kept sneaking candy out of our dish for the kids coming to our house. Little snot even left an open wrapper in the bowl one time. Sneaky guy.

Knitting on go with the flow is done. I'm washing and blocking tonight before LOST and will be seaming and finishing tomorrow and Friday. Looks good to have it in the mail Saturday. I'll be just over a week late again this year. Poor mom.

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