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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

caution hypocrite ahead

I'm feeling overwhelmed by my stash and know that for the next couple of months I should not start new projects other than gifts (what with my dad's birthday on 12/29 and B's on 2/2, then F-i-L's in March, I'm going to be busy for the next four months).

I also want to finish up the socks on the needles and Hubby's green aran is going to be back in rotation, hopefully completed in time for Christmas.

Plus, I have all this fabric I want to sew up and thoughts of making ornaments for gift tags this year after a 2-year break.

I need to take a little break from the rampant consumption.

So, my goal is to not buy any yarn after today (I've just bought more Polar and am in an auction for some koigu kersti) until I finish:

Hubby's aran
Dad's Kirk
Billy's birthday sweater
F-i-L's birthday sweater

Needles, notions, zippers, and items needed to finish these projects not included.

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