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Thursday, November 16, 2006

did you get the license plate?

I've finished the gusset on the zebra jaywalkers. Just about 15 rows to the toes.

I'm feeling totally run over today. Every morning this week the dressing of the B has been an ordeal. I can't take much more of this. It's a race against the clock in the morning and a rush at night to get him fed and give him his meds and to bed at a decent hour. Hubby's not been home before 8 much this week (I could kick him for changing jobs) so I've been doing the cooking and everything else.

Today I've got two more meetings (one which is right up against when I have to leave, I really hope it's not a problem that I'm leaving at 4:30 on the dot) and tons of stuff that needs to be done. It's going to rain again tonight so the commute will be another treat (I'm taking the train).

Fortunately, tomorrow is a half-day. I'm taking B for a re-check on his lungs and I hope we'll be done with the meds, for now I'm sure we'll need them again before cold season is over. I can't wait until Monday when I can stop putting peroxide in his ears. We went to the ENT on Monday. He removed one tube (it was just sitting in the canal stuck in some earwax, yes I know that's gross), but the other is obstructed with wax. So, the peroxide is to help clear up some of the wax while we wait for the tube to come out. If it's not out by February, he'll have to remove it.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter is the same in the mornings - I get her up a full hour and a half before we have to leave (in a vain attempt to reduce the nag quotient), and even so it always comes down to the wire - coax, threaten, plead, try hard to find a nice way to say "how can it take 15 freaking minutes to put on a pair of socks????". Thankfully she goes down at night reasonably well now (just as of this year, though - for the first six years, bedtime was a nightmare).