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Monday, November 13, 2006

blah, blah, Monday, blah

What a morning. B did not want to get dressed. Well, he did. He wanted to wear two shirts but no pants. And his orange jacko'lantern socks as hand puppets, not as socks. Hubby's helpful hints: It's all your fault for giving him too many choices.

8 days out of 10 I let the kid pick his clothes and he gets dressed with the minimum of fuss. 2 days out of 10, he's a complete and utter brat about it and it's my fault for letting him exert some independence and express himself. Yeah, I see how that works.

It doesn't help that he's back on the nebulizer and didn't want to stop watching Nemo this morning. Yeah, the broncho-dialators, etc. I was home with him on Thursday because he was developing a really bad cough and didn't want to get up. Now, this is the kid who asks to see his teachers during the weekend, so he wasn't just looking to hang with Mom all day. Docta Maggie (that's how he says it) feels he's outgrowing the bronchial tendencies and we should only have to nebulize for a week, but I was just happy there was no ear involvement. We did, however, watch Nemo 3 times on Thursday.

A sick day with the B did leave to a new obsession. I'm addicted to ballband dishclothes, from Mason Dixon Knitting. I've already knitted 2 completely and nearly done the 3rd. I'm constantly fantasizing about worsted cotton in my stash. Not to mention trying to make a red scarf using the pattern.

I did turn the heel on the second sock, as planned. I'm diligently working the gussets as my commute knitting.

And work, it's just kicking my ass to no end these days. I'm so looking forward to the Thanksgiving break.

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