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Monday, November 27, 2006


For the last week, I have been unable to upload photos to Blogger. this is ridiculous. I guess I'll have to start hosting pics over at Flickr.


Julie said...

I've found that my Java scripting goes wonky after my computer's been running a while (especially if I've been gaming) and that interferes with the photo posting. When I reset my computer it straightens out - for a little while.

But then you've probably already tried resetting.

Anonymous said...

I find Blogger is on again off again for me - lately it's been good - go figure. Flickr is my back-up - works well.

Anny said...

I haven't really had any problems with photos in blogger lately but in the past have found that for some reason selecting "none" in layout and choosing the "large" format works when other don't.

Don't know why...but this seems to work for me.