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Friday, November 17, 2006


And I mean that.

Whoo boy what a week.

This morning was much easier with the B. A few no's about the pants, but no screaming or kicking and he picked out a pair. Same deal with the socks. And I got him to not whine after turning off Nemo by getting him to help feed the dog. I'm sure he'll kick my butt again next week.

Weirdo is actually excited to go see Docta Maggie today. I think it might have something to do with the lollypops. I'm hoping we can stop with the nebulizer. It will help cut down on my rushing around at both ends of the day.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend. Just hanging out at home, doing yardwork and housework, and laundry. I'm planting a ton of bulbs tomorrow. A friend of ours won 200 daffodil bulbs in a charity auction and can't use them. He gave us 100. I'm going to give some to M-i-L and her mom in SC (she'd asked for daffodil bulbs for their 65th wedding anniversary earlier this year), the rest are going in a raised bed in my back yard with some bulbs I'm going to try to rescue from our shady front yard.

Oh, and I'll be knitting. I will be starting the toe on my second zebra sock this afternoon on the way home. Maybe an FO for Monday. I'll probably keep working on my red scarves all weekend. Not sure if I'll pick up Hubby's aran or the crocheted purse.

What I really should do is finish my chickami. It only needs a few rows on one strap....

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