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Friday, May 26, 2006

when in doubt, stash

I'm not doubting anything, but isn't that a great title?

So, instead of pushing through the slog yesterday, I did a little shopping. I bought an apron pattern for my sister's shower gift.

I also hit the yarn sale at Herrschners and got these:

enough of each to make myself a tank.

Then elann put up some new regia strato. I just had to have these:

Good thing Hubby and I've reversed that little cash flow problem we'd been having.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone. We're spending it celebrating MiL's parents' 65th wedding anniversary. Lots of her family coming in to town. Should be fun.


Susan said...

Well. . . if worse comes to worse, you can always save money this winter by turning the heat down and wearing all the sweaters and socks that you have knit! If you have not knit up all that yarn, then I guess you can use it as insulation! ;-)

Have a wonderful long weekend!

trek said...

Don't show the Neatnik that blue yarn - I'd have to knit a sweater of it in the summer time.

Anny said...

Hey, that sock yarn looks great...
Gotto go check out elann (again)

Ever notice how blogland is such an enabler? Seriously, I wouldn't have a stash problem if I didn't get tempted by what everyone else is knitting ;0)

PS - The stocking looks awesome!