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Thursday, May 18, 2006

all quiet on the sisterly front

Which isn't necessarily a good thing. I'm glad no one's called to guilt me or ream me out, but she's usually kind of chatty and sends me funny e-mails. Especially in response to the daily Billy pics I send out. I guess I just need to give her time to get over her hurt.

It's pretty quiet on the knitterly front. I'm making some progress on the stockings on the commute, but haven't touched CeCe or anything at home since Monday. I've been bringing work home the last two days and that means no knitting time.

I will not be bringing work home tonight. I need to tidy up, do a little laundry, and pack for a weekend away with the Hubby. We're going down to Wildwood on the Jersey shore for a little get away. Billy and Molly are staying with the in-laws (we're taking Billy for a family vacation this summer). So, as long as I can stay awake in the car tomorrow, I've got a couple of hours to catch up on CeCe and the green aran. And then there will be knitting time on the beach (or in the room if the weather's crappy). I so need this weekend to re-charge and re-connect with the spouse.

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Anny said...

I'm sure your sis will come around. Maybe she just needs a little time. I've got two sisters of my own so I totally relate.

Have a great trip ;0)