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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I dyed my last two dye your own skeins last night. Here's a sneak peek. The one on the left is the self-striping. The one on the right I hand painted after I realized how much green and purple I had left and just had to dye. The colors are kool-aid hit with a bit of food color for depth. My grocery store didn't have any green kool-aid left so the green is 1 packet lemonade with about 1/2 packet blue lemonade and a squirt of green food color. Me likey. The blue one the left is two and a half packets of blue lemonade with a couple of drops of food color for depth. The blue on the right is blue food coloring mixed with equal parts water and vinegar. I'm going to overdye the hand painted one tonight. Too much white. I'm going to make a lighter blue and just microwave the whole thing in a dish.

Knitting on stocking 1 will be completed today (I'm thinking of going out for lunch and getting a real burger and taking it with me for the waiting). I hope to cast on for #2 this evening. But, probably not. I imagine I'll get too sucked into the finale of LOST.

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