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Friday, May 12, 2006

some salsa to brighten my mood

So, I took Yarngirl's advice from yesterday's comments and bought a pattern to jump start the knitting mojo. I'm going to knit ChicKnit's CeCe in some TLC Cotton Plus I've had in my desk for a while. I was going to use it for The Perfect Sweater that was being Future Searched over at Mason Dixon, but that pattern hasn't come along, yet. I've got 12 balls, which is enough yardage for a CeCe and a Chickami (12 x 186 = 2232 yards). I will be lengthening the body some. The current length is just enough to highlight one of my figure flaws. Now, to find the needles.

In other news, I've worked a little bit on the Lolita Legs re-do. I'm just about done with the toe and will start the patterning today at our lunch-time stitch. We were going to go outside today, but the wet weather means we're in the kitchen again.

I've got so many WIPs right now: Nattie's socks (being the oldest); Billy's Beach Jacket; Hubby's Green Aran; Lolita Legs; Billy's Pumpkin socks and those two things on "hiatus." I'm thinking the Tucker mat might never be finished (seed stitch intarsia in linen?), but I do plan on finishing Angelina. I really want her to be my Christmas sweater this year.


Jenifer said...

that Salsa looks so pretty on your blog page! It matches perfectly! :) Good luck on the cabled sweater!

Yarngirl said...

Yay!!!! I just cast on for CeCe last night - what a coinky dink!!! We should have a Cece along - except now I have to knit a shawl for a graduate - so I'd be a bad companion - you can keep me inspired!