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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

You know you’re living in a different world when your bus gets boarded by a state trooper for a “random bus check.” Why are the Republicans having their convention in NYC? I know they thought they were doing the city a favor, but do they realize how disruptive it is? My commute’s gotten much longer with the added security and the convention’s not for two weeks! Thanks guys.

I finished the back of Loll Friday. Yippee! I cast on for the left front Sunday and am cruising through the ribbing. I’m sorely tempted to measure, but I know I am nowhere near 39 cm. Things will go so fast once I hit the armhole shaping. I had been thinking of doing the sleeves in the round to avoid the seaming, but I don’t think my dpn technique is good enough, yet. I will do the left sleeve next to sew as I go.

My lovely Phildar came via UPS yesterday. My admin was very curious as to why such a large box was so light. Usually, at a publishing company, large box = very heavy. MMM, yummy, yummy yarn. Now, I just need to figure out what to do with it. I’m thinking a zip-up vest for my f-i-l for some of it (probably navy blue) and then a sweater for Billy out of the other. F-i-l likes to work outside and since his birthday is late March, a zippy sweater vest is a practical idea. He’s like my husband in that he’s not really a sweater guy otherwise.

I’ve got bids in on some Rowan yarns on eBay. Some All Seasons Cotton in aqua for my sister (the youngest one). I’m starting to feel guilty. I made her Grecian Plait, I've got a plan for a Christmas present, but so far nothing for the middle one. I need to find something. Unfortunately, the middle one is apple shaped and few patterns would fit her. I guess I’ll need to do some modification. The other auction is River tape in Khaki. 15 balls, I could do something in that for her (or me).

Loll is first priority. Get that done and I cast on for Air for my mom. Fortunately, her birthday isn’t until late October so I can work on some smaller stuff alongside. Then it’s Dad’s Zipo for his birthday at the end of December. I think my husband would appreciate some warm, wooly socks for Christmas, too.

Gee, can I quit my job and just knit full-time?

I may be in even more trouble. I found my LYS last week. I’ve been looking for this place for months and could never find it. Billy and I were cruising around Thursday night (going to McD's for mommy's dinner) and I found it, on the other side of the street from where I’d been looking. Apparently, I had the street number wrong. I will be stopping in some time in the future. I think I may start getting whatever Rowan pattern books I need there, instead of ordering them online. Must support the LYS! I’d link to their Web site if they had one.

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