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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I’m knitting as fast as I can, and buying yarn faster than I should. I have won two more auctions, one for some Khaki River Tape and another for Lilac Sea Breeze. Hey, I got them really cheap. Who cares if Rowan decided they weren’t worth producing at all/any more? I will find a use for them. I just need more hands. I am banning myself from eBay for a while (and the Herrschner's yarn sales, and Threadbear, and anyone else who enables my yarnaholic tendencies).

Left front of Loll will hopefully be done tomorrow. I really, really want to start the left sleeve this weekend. Yesterday was a bad commute into the city. I was all smushed in the back row of the bus and didn’t have elbow room to knit! Quel horor. I did get to knit my heart out on the way home and while watching TV with the hub and the dog. This morning I was the 12th person on the bus and the last. I got my own seat and knit all the way in. I’ve also found that if I walk slowly enough, I can walk and knit at the same time. Granted, we’re talking a very simple pattern (elongated 1 x 3 rib), but cool.

Here’s your saccharine-sweet story for the day. My dog and my baby love each other very much. She loves licking his face and he just lights up when he sees her. He’s 6 months (in case you’re new) and reaches out for her when she’s close to him. Last night I was sitting on the couch next to him (he can sit up on his own, I was in arm's reach in case he toppled). Molly (the dog) jumped up next to me and cuddled for a bit. Then she realized that Billy (the baby) was on the other side of me. She crawled across me (which is not comfortable as she weighs 65 lbs) so she could lick his face. So, she’s sitting on my lap, he’s got her jowls in his hands and she’s kissing him all over. Eh, I don’t tell the story well. It was really sweet.

We’re spending tomorrow night at my in-laws as they are baby- and dogsitting over the weekend while we’re in AC. I want to knit and watch the opening ceremonies (if Dad and hub will let me, they’re not big on the Olympics), but Loll is a secret, so I can’t knit it. I guess I could bring Tucker. I’d swatch for Mom’s Air, but I still can’t find all those new circs I bought. Where the H-E-double hockey sticks did I put them?

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