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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

From Carrie’s Homework Meme

Carpet or hardwood floors? We have both, I prefer self-cleaning floors. Seriously, I hate to mop, but since we all have allergies we should probably have just hardwood.

Blinds or curtains? We have both in the bedrooms, just curtains elsewhere. I’d really rather have curtains and shades in the bedrooms, much darker.

Tiles or sheet linoleum? We have sheet linoleum in the bathroom and I want to replace it with tile. I’ve got nothing against linoleum or vinyl flooring but this particular one always looks dirty, even after I’ve mopped it!

Paint or wallpaper? We’ve got all paint, except for a border in the nursery and the powder room in the basement. That was one of our first chores when we bought the house, ripping out all the awful wallpaper.

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