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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

More stash enhancement. I’d like to thank Froggy for posting that Elann had Gedifra cicco on sale so I can make my own Paris Loop. I also got some Patons Kroy sock yarn and some cotton blend boucle for Billy. Of course, I have yet to knit anything for my boy.

I got a Keepsake Quilting catalog in the mail, I think I'm on their mailing lists from my Patternworks purchase. Whoo boy, makes me want to breakout the sewing machine. There are a number of things I want. I think I might get one set of fat quarters and figure out how to make a bag and needle case. Just what I need, another hobby with stashing possibilities. I did buy my sewing machine a number of years ago and it has been used. I’ve used it to hem curtains, take in a skirt, and put a new zipper into a coat! There was a time I sewed a lot. Two years out of four I made my own dress for my college's semi-formal dance.

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Anonymous said...

you are going to love knitting the paris loop. i already want one in another color! can't wait to you get started.