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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Stash enhancement time. I bought some more Cicco Gedifra at Herrschners (see this morning's post about the sale) in gray and blue (one for each sister). I sure hope I like the pattern! I also got some Hoffman fabrics to make a Chelsea bag. I’m going to use it as my new work bag once my jelly bag gives out (the straps are starting to rip). It’s going to be pretty funky for me, but, it’s got all my colors (except not so much red). I also love pansies. And I ordered some labels to put in my projects (at least the ones I give away), but those aren’t so much fun to look at.

In Loll news, I’m about where I was at yesterday’s post. It’s not that I did no knitting. I did a lot of knitting. I just ripped most of it out on my excessively long commute home last night. (I didn’t get to pick Billy up until after 7!) I realized I was doing the buttonholes wrong (I knew that decision would bite me in the end). I was twisting stitches when knitting into the yarn over and that was shrinking the button holes. I tried to drop stitches down to the first button hole in the ribbing (the seed stitch one is fine), but when I tried to rebuild the stitches they looked horrible. So I ripped out a good 6 inches. Much knitting tonight!

My sister works here. We might be going to see this Saturday. Can you believe it? Multi-cultural exposure for Billy in Vermont!

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