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Friday, August 13, 2004

The bulldog description I posted yesterday does NOT apply to our Molly. This morning she wouldn't potty in the back yard so my husband asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. Now, walk is one of Molly's favorite words, it ranks up there with Daddy, ride and bacon. She started jumping into the air. Seriously. She doesn't get border collie vertical, but she was in the air, all four paws off the ground. She's an atypical bully. Or to quote the Smithereens "My girl, she's extra-ordinary...."

I am most definitely cruising on Loll. I started the armhole shaping last night and should have the left side done today. I shall cast on for the first sleeve tomorrow in the car. I've got two weeks and a couple of days to get it done. I think it will happen. The only thing I have concerns about is picking up stitches for the neckband. I will arm myself with trusty crochet hook and do the best I can. Even if the whole thing looks like crap, she'll wear it proudly.

In other news, we're living in interesting politcal times in NJ. The first I heard about the governer resigning was from a 20-year-old poli sci major who's interning at an ad agency in Manhattan. She said it was courageous. I didn't pass judgement because I figured there had to be more behind his resigning than just he's finally out and been cheating on his wife with a man. We're not CA, but I think we could have gotten over that. By the time I saw and heard the news on the tv and radio it was being reported that he's being sued for harassment by his former lover and supposedly the lawsuit is very graphic. This former lover is his ex-aide and a man the governor appointed to a position (director of homeland security after 9/11) that he was not qualified for. I told my husband this morning that he's earned the nickname McSleazy. (My husband is a Republican and has been calling him that since we lived in Iselin and he was the Mayor.) Not because he's gay, or because he cheated on his wife, but because he put his lover in an important position without the qualifications to do the job. A job that was supposed to be protecting all of us. /politics

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