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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Twice yesterday, I posted about knitting, but Blogger ate the posts. Grr!

Loll grows apace. I've started the armhole shaping. I have to rip out a row because I only did 5 rows of decreases and I need to do seven. I circled the right numbers in red, but apparently still didn't read the pattern right!

The stash grows apace as well. I've won a few auctions on eBay. Some older Phildar yarns, some more Summer Tweed. I've got a bid in on some old Rowan cotton. It's fingering weight with great yardage (220 yds a skein). I'm thinking a cardigan or vest for my father-in-law. It's a brownish plum, right up his alley.

The Phildar is in three orders. One's a beige and white blend with flecks of all different colors that we're going to use for dog blankets and sweaters. My dog is getting a new blanket; since she's fawn and white the yarn's perfect for her. My sister is adopting a retired greyhound and he'll need a sweater for those VT winters (especially since she lives up in the mountains). I'm hoping the color works for him. That package arrived Saturday. I also just won an auction for some 100% wool in royal blue that will be for Billy and I used "buy it now" to get some darker blue in a acrylic/wool/mohair blend. That may be for Billy as well. I have to see what kind of patterns I can find. Perhaps it will be for f-i-l instead of the cotton.

I really, really want to start something new (Charlotte, another Java, my Calmer ribby), but my m-i-l's birthday rapidly approaches. I promised my husband he wouldn't have to do any shopping for her so Loll MUST get finished. I hope to have the back done in the next few days and then I'll do the left sleeve and left front so I can sew as I go. I may need some late nights in the next few weeks!

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