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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I know what I’m working on once Loll is finished. Forget the stuff in the side bar. I’m making my Paris Loop. I got my yarn order from Elann today. Woot! Now I need to make sure I have all the necessary needles. Ooh, I may have to go shopping!

Speaking of Loll, I’ve got three, count ‘em, three buttonholes done. That means I’m approaching halfway on the right front. Can you dig it? Just goes to show that traffic jams are good for something. I really think I would be extremely unhappy taking the bus most days if my projects didn’t grow so much while we waited to get around a broken down taxi on the helix or past the construction on the turnpike.

I now have two boxes of yarn in my office ready to be snuck home. Some night when the hub is working late or got plans after work, I’ll start bringing it home. For now, It makes me happy to know it’s here. I know, it’s a sickness.

I’m having a rough morning here (afternoon when I got around to posting). Well, rough’s not accurate, it’s a little frazzled, a bit frantic. I can’t find some files I’m supposed to be working on and routing. I remember them being handed over to me and discussing them with my director. I can’t remember if he took them back, but they’re not in my office. Panic time!

We’ve also got a small problem with some attitudes around here. I just can’t take the people who are so unwilling to change and can’t handle a little chaos and confusion in their lives. Don’t they realize it’s those things that make us alive?

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