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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

knock knock

B's sick-ish. He's got stuffy/runny nose and a wee cough and a fever (100 yesterday morning). He stayed home with Hubby yesterday and M-i-L stayed with him today (I have a couple of meetings today with out of towners). If he still has a fever tonight (M-i-L's not sure she's doing the infra-red ear thermometer right), I'll be home with him tomorrow. When I called to check on him this morning, he was jumping on the couch. I don't think he feels terribly sick.

He's trying to tell jokes. His knock-knock joke:

B: "Knock, knock."
You (or me, or whoever): "Who's there?"
B: "Apple pie."
Y: "Apple pie who?"
B: "Mommy (or Daddy or Molly, just a random name each time)." Giggling by B, head scratching by you the recipient of his wit.

Our trip to AC was fun. Hubby lost lots of money, I lost a little bit. The weather was pretty wicked. When it wasn't pouring rain, it looked like this. Hubby walked out of our motel room Saturday morning and asked if we were back in Scotland. I spent part of Saturday in our room working on F-i-L's sweater. I finished up the left front Sunday night and cast on for the right front. This is what it looked like yesterday. I'm at the point where I should be starting the v-neck shaping today. I'd love to have the fronts done today.

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