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Monday, March 24, 2008

almost made it

I almost made it. I sewed the last seam on F-i-L's sweater as we drove into town on Sunday. there were still ends to weave in and the buttons are still on the card, but it was put-together enough that he could try it on. And of course, it is too short. I need to add about two inches to the sleeves and probably four inches to the body. Why do these men have such long torsos?

(It could probably use an inch or two in width, but I'm not re-knitting the whole damn thing.)

Tonight, I will take off the button band and begin taking the seams apart. I'm kind of bummed about this. I so wanted to be finished so I could start something else. I haven't been working on this sweater for too long, but I've been working on it pretty exclusively since cast-on.

I do have my flamingo picots to work on today. That's a nice switch, but I want to start something new. I've got a couple of green projects in mind for April and May Project Spectrum and I can't wait to start them.

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