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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

F-i-L's sweater is in a state of suspended animation. In other words, I haven't touched it since Sunday. I'm just done with it, you know?

Tonight. Tonight, I will start ripping it apart.
I'm rapidly approaching the toes of my flamingo picots. I love these socks. But, I think my next pair won't be the same plain Jane picots. I don't know what I'll do that's more exciting, it's hard to find patterns that fit big-girl ankles without resorting to a gauge that has uncomfortable stitches. I do know the socks will be kelly green.

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Susan said...

I know what you mean about FIL's sweater -- it's tough to be done with something but still have it calling out for more attention (and, even worse, revision). Hang in there and keep going with the socks.