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Thursday, March 06, 2008

AC baby

Fronts go so much faster when they're half the width! I'd be very happy to finish this in the car tomorrow. We'll see. I have just over two weeks to get the whole thing done.

So, we're still going to AC tomorrow. I'm happy about it. I need a little break. I love my son and he did stay with his grandparents last Saturday night, but two nights away will be enough to recharge my mommy batteries. The repetition and non-stop chatter are wearing on me a bit. I'm sure I'll be very happy to see B again Sunday afternoon.

We're going to the "Celebration of the Suds," which is basically a beer tasting with entertainment. I wonder how many attendees will be like us, having planned the trip back when they thought the parade was this weekend.

See you on Monday.

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