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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I just placed my first fabric order in over five months (I've bought remnants at Joann since October, but no yardage). I promised I would cut back until I got my sewing machine back up and running. It crapped out on me just before Christmas as I was sewing a messenger bag for my sister. I haven't touched it since.; with all the deadline knitting the last few months, I've not taken the time to get it up and running. But, I was browsing a sale yesterday I saw some fabric I thought would look good on my dining room chairs. I love my dining room set. It's mission style, cherry finish over oak, with tall chairs and a rectangular table, but the fabric is not great. I've lived with it for over seven years and it's time for a change. Now, it's not just a fabric I don't like, it's a fabric that's lived with a toddler. Today, they're running a different sale and I found this for $4.39 a yard. Our walls are cream with sage trim and the floors are hardwood with a sage area rug under the table. I think this would look outstanding. I e-mailed hubby and he said we should go for it. I think next weekend might be dining room fresh-up time.

I also got some fabric for fun totes. This for when we go to BYO restaurants (or maybe even to make a gift bag for giving wine) and this one because I just had to.

I've had a thing for dragonflies for a long time. Mom and Dad live in a very swampy area and there are always lots around. One time, I was sitting on the back deck writing and I took a rest and five landed on my notebook. They took on a little more significance when my grandmother died. At the funeral, her pastor compared my grandmother to a dragonfly, not flashy but always busy and doing a lot of work that benefits others. It was a lot more poetic the way she said it, but that's the gist. I only bought a yard of the orange one. I'll make a tote or something (maybe a sleeve for my work laptop).

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Heather said...

Nice fabbie! You must show pics when you redo the chair seats. I have yet to finish my dining redo. I need to redo the seats, they are cream and so icky! Not sure what I want to do yet, when I find the fabbie I will know.