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Monday, March 03, 2008

three goals for March

I have three goals for the month of March.

1. Play with B outside (weather permitting)
2. Lose 6 pounds (seriously, I'd been doing pretty well and then I treated the last two weeks of February like my own personal all you can eat buffet and I really, really want to get below a certain number for motivational reasons and all it will take is 6 pounds)
3. Finish this:
Actually, it needs to be done by Easter. F-i-L turns 65 on Easter this year. That's the back of his sweater. It's going to be a v-neck cardigan with brown leather buttons. I'm just over half-way to the arm holes. I have a lot of knitting to do but, I'm stuck. What kind of sleeves should I do? Raglan are the easiest to figure, but set-in looks less casual. I'm really thinking saddle, but I've got no idea how to figure that out. I need opinions, and resources if you've got them.

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