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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hey Ho, three in a row

Wow, how long's it been since I posted three days in a row. Okay, not too long ago, Feb 13-15, but not once in January. My, I've been a slacker this year.

I finished the armhole shaping for F-i-L's sweater last night. I could have curved it but I took a class with Jean Frost on sleeves and she said it wasn't necessary. I'll have to pull up my notes from that class to figure out the sleeve cap. The armhole's easy. Figure out how wide you want the back to be at the shoulders (usually by the bone that sticks up) and decrease down to that width. If I were doing it all over again, I'd decrease every row instead of every other, but I'm making pretty deep armholes so the slope shouldn't affect too much.
Color's a bit more accurate here.
I need to get this piece finished tonight so I can cast on a front. I need to get at least the fronts done this weekend. I know, it's a lot of knitting, but it's going to be a pretty deep v-neck so that will help.
Hubby and I are up in the air about our plans for the weekend. We have reservations for a room in AC for Friday and Saturday nights, thinking the AC St. Patty's day parade was going to be the second Saturday in March, like it usually is. They moved it to March 16th this year. We have until this afternoon to cancel the room without penalty; but Hubby's not sure if he wants to stay home this weekend (especially since it's so hard for him to reschedule a vacation day at work). Me, I wouldn't mind the weekend away. No parade and bands at Michigan Pub mean more knitting time for me.

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