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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Still have not blocked the Grecian Plait. Bad Netter, bad. Bid on more yarn on eBay. MMMMMM, Summer Tweed. More stash? Again, bad Netter. I bought Bonne Marie's latest pattern ( Can't wait to make one. Much knitting going on?

Let's see, what's on the needles? I cast on for the Tucker Mat, worked 2 1/2 rows and realized I was doing 1 x 1 ribbing instead of moss stitch. Doh! Must rip and re-work.

This weekend I thought I had gotten caught up and through the first swag row of the mini floral poncho. Then I realized that there are supposed to be 6 ttcs in each swag not 5! Doh. Rip and re-work. I must say that since I don't drink anymore, tailgate parties are good for tanning and crocheting! The poncho also kept me from snacking too much.

I've decided to make the Loll cardigan from the Calmer Collection in white Calmer for my mother-in-law. Can I get it done before her birthday 8/30? I've got a car ride to VT this weekend. We'll see what I can get done. Tucker's with me today. I'd love to get it done ASAP. It's on my only size 6 needle! Either than or I have to buy new needles!

I sure hope my recent purchases are at the house tonight. I can't wait to touch my very own koigu!

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