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Friday, July 16, 2004

Hmmm. Blogger's changed a bit, hasn't it? I think I like the new options. Like easier posting of photos. Not that I'm taking photos for posting, but hey, I may get off my duff some day. Color is good!
In knitting news, or rather yarn news, the floral poncho is nearly done. I have ends to weave in, fringe to add, and shoulders to figure out. Since I doubled the size of the poncho to fit myself by just doubling the first row, the neckline is way too huge. I need to add shoulders of some sort. That means I cannot crochet it on the bus. I need to be able to pull it on and off and look in a mirror to see if I like what I'm doing.
Bus knitting has become the Loll cardigan from the Calmer collection. I'm doing it in bleached calmer (yes, it's white, white, white) for my mother-in-law. I hope to have it done for her birthday August 30. Yes, a FIRM deadline. (Neat keyboard shortcuts just like word.) Of course, it isn't starting too easily. I didn't have the right part of the directions to start the back or the sleeves (those directions are with the Loll sweater which I didn't photocopy for carrying). So, I'm doing the left front. I've modified it a bit. Can't see M-I-L liking the fringe, so I'm doing seed stitch. About 8 rows in and it's going well. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Calmer. It makes me knit looser so I got gauge on the right size needles for a change!
Bought myself a bright orange scarf today at Port Authority from one of those little pushcarts. I saw it and it was $5 so I had to have it. Don't know when I'll wear it but I've been wanting to accessorize a bit more lately.
Oh well, off to work I go.  

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Joseph said...

Hello. Your talk of knitiing implements have made my head spin, however, I found your blog by searching for others book interests, and yours matched one of mine. For that, you get the cursory skater nod. Nice to meet you.