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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Grecian Plait is blocking as we speak. I decided to finally get it done last night. I'm wet blocking. Unfortunately, my space board isn't big enough for all the pieces. The sleeves will have to block tonight. Seaming party at my house tomorrow!

I didn't wash it and I should have. Whoa, does that yarn smell when wet!

I think I'll get my sister one of those pop-up sweater dryers so she has a place to dry it flat.

In other news, I did it again. I was motoring along on Tucker this morning and somehow my moss stitch has again become 1 x 1 ribbing. URGH! And I'm in the color blocks so I've got intarsia to rip out. Lucky me, it's only a few rows.

I got my Charlotte last night. I can't wait to start on it. I really do need to get some new size 6 needles. I don't understand how my grandmother got away with having a single 6 circular when it seems everything I want to knit requires a 6! I do have a 16" Phildar 6 circ, but I don't really like the join on those. I'd have two 6 circs with joins I don't like, but there was that unfortunate incident with the Needlemaster 6.

I can't wait to get my calmer and I won some Summer Tweed in Morning Glory! Just under $7 a skein for a yarn that retails at $8-9. Go Netter. I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it, yet. I may just have to fondle it for a while.

I was surprised my husband didn't comment on the package from Threadbear. Maybe he didn't realize $50 worth of yarn could come in such a small package!

There's also the possibility that he realized I don't give him a hard time about his hobbies! I do need to organize the stash. I think that's right behind organizing the office. Not quite sure when I'll get around to those things. Billy does not like to nap when he's with his mommy. He sleeps for hours at day care but I'm lucky if I can get him down for an hour twice a day! Then there's all the other housework that doesn't get done. I need to take a week's vacation just to get caught up!

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