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Monday, July 26, 2004

I hear coffee is addictive. I've never acquired the taste. I do like caffeine, but I get it from colas.

Java on the other hand is addictive! I knit one up Saturday. Well, I still have to finish the handle, but it's nearly done. It's very cute. It's in some mystery pink cotton (hot and baby). I started with the baby and did a middle stripe of hot and finished with the baby. The edging is watermelon Pebble Beach from Reynolds. It's a terry cloth texture. The handle will be that as well. So once I finish that and sew up the pillow, Kristen's birthday presents are done. And it's only taken 15 months to do the pillow! Just a few weeks for knitting up and forever to finish it off.

But, back to Java's addictive qualities. I want to knit more! It went so fast once I figured out knitting with so many needles. I've knit on dpns before with the BUP, but that started on a circular. While knitting pink, pink, pink java I kept thinking of other javas to make. I have some black fingering yarn and thought I could do a rock on java or a blue white and green for a sister's whose favorite colors are those. Obviously bwg would go to the sister, but who do I know that rocks and drinks takeout coffee?

My only concern with java is it's size. I swatched, but didn't exactly measure my gauge. I hope it works.

I think my floral poncho is getting lonely in her ziploc bag. She's near my bed, but I haven't touched her in weeks. I do have a deadline if I plan on wearing her to Sheryl Crow. But I've been thinking about a different poncho in the fingering black with the rose Soho.... Not that I have time.

I got a bit of Loll's back done. I'm nearly done the seed stitch. All 30 rows x 115 stitches (well, 113 not counting my garter selvedges). I think it would go faster if the calmer weren't so smooth. I have one size 6 circ and it's too slippery for the calmer. I think things will go better with my 8 when I start the rib. Without waist shaping, I've got a lot of rib to do until I hit the armholes!

Okay, time to brag about my son. He's 25 weeks today. (I cannot believe he'll be six months next Monday!)  Yesterday, he finally got his first tooth. He's been chewing on things like a rodent, especially fingers and anything cloth. Fortunately, he wasnt' too fussy. He even napped a lot on Saturday. He's advanced my kid. He has rolled over both ways (tummy to back and vice versa). Although, it's hard to induce him to roll onto his tummy. He sits up on his own and I swear the kid tries to sing. He's babbly, happy, and perfect!

I tell everyone I can't have another because he's spoiled me so much!

I promise to have pics next week. Must do comparison. He's gained nearly 13 pounds and grown over 5 inches!

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