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Monday, July 12, 2004

I finished Grecian Plait in the car on the way to Vermont Friday. My sister tried it on Saturday (I didn't see her Friday night) and it basically fits. She put it on over her swimsuit, so we didn't get the best fit. She claims it's scratchy. I don't know why. Did I take a picture? Nope. Silly Netter.

The floral mini poncho is cruising along. I've got half a floral round and a swag round to finish before I do the front and back rows. Then I have to decide how to modify the neckline. I've changed the pattern quite a bit to adjust for my skinny yarn and not so skinny self. I'd love to have it done for Friday. My husband and I are going to see Prince and I think the poncho would be great over a black tank top.

Speaking of my husband, he really surprised me yesterday. I thought he'd have a fit when we got home and there were 2 boxes of yarn waiting for me. But he didn't. One was the summer tweed for me (I think I'll make Otis from Knitty if it goes with one of my dresses) the other was coffee bean calmer for my mom. I have to decide which Calmer cardi to make for her.

I got lots of oohs and ahs on the Grecian Plait. My sister tried it on during the party and everyone was impressed by my skill. I must say the knitting came out really well; I do need to work on my seaming skills, though. Everyone said I really inherited my grandmother's talent. That was a nice thing to hear.

Mom's family had Christmas in July this weekend (in addition to a surprise 80th birthday party for her dad). I got a Joann gift card. I'm thinking of some Lion yarn to make some Phildar sweaters for Billy, if I ever get my book from ThreadBear. But, no more stash enhancement until I get a couple more things finished.

My friend Kristen's birthday is coming up, I need to get java knitted for her. And to finally finish that pillow I made last year!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see a pic of your Grecian Plait. That one has been on my mind for awhile now. (Psssst. Don't tell anyone but I think I prefer Vermont. At least for today.) ~ Kerstin (