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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Homework Meme from Carrie:

Do you recycle? Compost? Reuse household items until no other use can be wrung from them? Why or why not? Do you try any other ways to affect your household's footprint?

We do recycle; our township picks up every other week. We do not compost; although as a transplanted country girl I can definitely see the value, but not to my .25 acre suburban lot. Probably could re-use more and I know we're note careful on consuming all the food we buy. We get lots of credit for taking mass transit to work and not driving much! I think my laziness impacts our chemical footprint. I don't clean often enough for chemicals to get into the groundwater. I got an error so don't have the actual footprint to share.

I know there is more we can do.

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