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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

widow's weeds

For some reason, these socks want to call themselves widow's weeds. I'm not sure if it's an inapporpriate name for a pair of socks, but they want what they want. I spend too much time arguing with Super-5 at home to argue with a pair of socks. (Don't tell the sock that it's probably inappropriate for it to be so immodest as to sport eyelets. It loves its eyelets.)

Sock yarn is Regia Line Step or something like that. (Here's the rav link with the actual yarn name.) The stitch pattern is double eyelet rib from the 365 knitting stitch perpetual calendar. I've wanted to knit socks with one of the eyelet ribs from this calendar for a long time. So, now I am.

I cast on for this sock on Sunday. I was procrastinating finishing up Billy's green sweater (just need to knit the collar and seam it) and had finished my last pair of socks Friday night on the way home. I really wanted to knit up some of Ruth's eggplant yarn, but I couldn't find the skein. I went stash diving and found this. I wear a lot of black and gray and don't have black or gray handknit socks. (For some reason I keep typing greay, like I can't decide which spelling to use.)

I reacquainted myself with my sewing machine last night. I made some Easter eggs based on this tutorial. I cut into one of my Recess charm packs; I used all the green, light blue and yellow. They're super cute. I'll try to get some pics in the next few days. I've got 4 done and 5 more cut out. If I use up the whole charm pack, I can make 9 more. You should expect to see more of this fabric line, like maybe a Chinese coin quilt.

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