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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sad bargains

The Point Knit Cafe in the West Village is closing today. They lost their lease and the fire sale started on Monday. We weren't able to get there until today and the place was nearly cleared out.
I got 14 skeins of Classic Elite Solstice (cotton and wool) in orange peel, 2 skeins Kraemer Natural Skeins from Jeannie (420 yds fingering merino/nylon), and 1 skein Arucania Ranco in Pink (wool/polyamide).
The pink will become a scarf for my sister that likes pink. Something funky and not ordinary. She's not 2x2 rib scarf girl.

I'm not sure about the Kraemer. I may use it for M-i-L's birthday or hold onto it as sock blanks.
The Solstice will eventually become a summer cardi for me. That's why I got the buttons to match.
My friend Jen's been a more regular customer at The Point than I have, but we were both sad to so it go.

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