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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

weedy Wednesday

My second weeds sock is approaching the heel. About 5 more repeats to go (20 rounds). I hope to be working the heel tomorrow. I may be able to wear these socks next week. It's been decidedly cool the last couple of days (we even had flurries in Manhattan this morning).

I thought I had a good lead on an SLP to work with B at daycare last week, but I've left three messages since I got a message from them last week and no call back since! I'm vastly irritated and if there's no call back by tomorrow, I'm trying someone else. I so want to get him started so he doesn't fall further behind.

I've had a couple of anxiety attacks the last couple of days heading home. I'm pretty sure PMS is causing the free floating anxiety. I think being up at 4:30 am the last two days hasn't helped either. B woke up having to pee yesterday and would not go back to sleep. How do I know he wasn't sleeping? He kicks the wall next to his bed and the banging keeps me up. This morning he didn't wake up quite in time. He did go back to sleep, though. Moral of the story? Fewer liquids at night!

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