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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

swatch spa

I knit up a tee-tiny swatch with my Yankees Ikat today, just to make sure the size I cast on today will be approximate to my mega-ankles.

It took a nice little water bath in a cup and is now lounging on the radiator drying.

I finished the Widow's Weeds last night. They had a eucalan bath last night and are drying (not on my office radiator). I hope to have FO pics later this week, maybe Thursday. Forecast for Friday is mid-60s so I doubt I'll be wearing wool socks. Of course, I had hoped to have to put these socks away until Fall. Oh well.

Looks like B may start speech/language therapy next week. This new SLP is a real go-getter, once we finally connected.

In other news, my son informed me last night that I have the same belly as on the commercial for Mega-T commercials we see during Wheel of Fortune. I don't think it helps that I have a salmon shirt and khaki pants like the second headless model is wearing (although, I don't wear my pants that tight). I told him it wasn't nice to talk about people being fat and decided to walk a lot more often.

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