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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

finished socks!

My FO is my finished thimbleberry socks. I wore them again today so I could take pictures for you. Here's what the look like from my point of view.
Here's a shot from closer to the floor. Neither shot is accurate for color. Notice the lack of picot hem. I decided to branch out and ribbed them instead.
Yarn is from Impulse of Delight (I love Ruth's colors). I knit them on US2 Addis (I think). No pattern, just cast on enough to fit around my fat ankles. (Yes, I know they look baggy, that's because my ankles are skinnier in the morning.)
I love them. I now have three pairs of socks in the pink family. Not quite sure how I became a girly girl.
In other news, B has a neurology appointment May 1. His pediatrician felt we could skip the additional auditory testing. She also feels that we shouldn't wait for district-provided services. Hubby's going to make calls today or tomorrow to see if we can get someone to go into the daycare via our insurance. If not, I'm sure my boss will help me coordinate a schedule that will allow me to take him to the SLP that did the eval. He has kids and he's a decent human being. Heck, he's probably not used to seeing me in the office so much. When B was an infant it felt like I was out of the office as much as I was in. Then as a toddler we still had lots of appointments and there was the whole biting thing. He's accomodated a work from home schedule for soccer, I'm sure we could work out something similar for therapy.

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