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Friday, April 24, 2009

bad mother award

I get the bad mother award this week. I do not know when my son said his first word or what it was. Hubby thinks it was Dada. I know he wasn't speaking at 13 months and that he had a small vocabulary at 18 months. I spent time this morning looking for his baby book and there's nothing in it. I've done a worse job filling in his baby book than my mother did mine.

Hubby does say that he remembers B started talking earlier than he did. (At least that's what his mom told him.)

This was prompted by the SLP asking for some of Billy's milestones. He crawled right before he turned 9 months and walked right before he turned 13 months. He gave up bottles before 15 months.

I know we were all concerned about the lack of speech. I blogged it. He pediatrician was worried about his vocabulary at 18 months, but he must have improved enough to appease her because we didn't do anything at the time about it.

Anyway, I'm home today. Mr. Handyman is fixing my basement stairs (very important as our tv room is down there) and this afternoon I'm taking B to soccer practice. It's going to be neraly 70 degrees. Woot woot.

I'm off to go sew now. Enough time on the Internet for today.

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