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Monday, April 06, 2009

the weekend that was

My weekend started early. 12:40 am Friday, to be exact. That's when B woke up screaming because he'd vomited in his sleep. We showered him, changed his bed, got him into clean PJs, got him to the toilet and got a bowl and were back to sleep about 3 am. I slept in B's bed with him in case he needed the bowl so I didn't really sleep much. Hubby stayed up until 2 doing laundry.

I stayed home with B and knit feverishly on my widow's weeds while he vegged in front of the tv.

Saturday, he felt much better (actually, he was much better after his nap on Friday). We signed up for the pool, bought him an Easter outfit (with a tie), and I put a dent in our new car. It was very windy and unlike my husband told me to, I didn't park far, far away from the other cars when I went to the mall to buy myself something for Easter. So, of course the wind ripped the car door out of my hand and into the side mirror of the car next to me. Hubby got the big dimple out but the little crease is still there. I'm grounded and not allowed to drive the three-week-old car until I can take better care of it (or until Hubby puts his own ding into). I'm not really grounded, but I do think I'd rather not drive the precious for a while. Of course, I couldn't find anything for myself, but I did get a nice new Spring tablecloth and some 300 ct sheets for less than 1/2 price.

I knit some more on my socks.

Last night, I talked myself out of cutting a dress for myself out of some fabric. My allergies have been horrible and I knew I wouldn't get it done in time (I still haven't finished my easter eggs, jsut have the turning hole to sew up).

I did finish a sock last night. Here it is with its twin, a few rows in.

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