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Friday, April 10, 2009

gusset mussed

I turned the heel on weed #2 yesterday at lunch. I figured I'd be able to finish the gusset on the bus ride home last night. But, even though the bus ride was longer than normal (traffic's been ridiculous), I didn't finish the gusset. In fact, I have to rip it out. I didn't pick up the same number of stitches on each side. One side has five fewer stitches than the other. I think I was thrown off by the conversation at lunch.
A couple of the people with whom I was sitting (me knitting, them eating and chatting*) mentioned that it was their 10th reunion this year. I chimed in, oh, it's my fifteenth this year. Then I realized they were talking about high school. I was talking about college. Teensy bit embarrassing.
Finally spoke with an SLP group who will be able to work with Billy at day care. I faxed his eval over last night and am currently awaiting a call back (story of my life lately, waiting for a call back). Hopefully, she'll dial the right number today. I hope she got the fax. One of the two numbers I faxed to never picked up to receive the fax.
B and Hubby are home today (well, B's not home, yet; he spent the night with the in-laws so Hubby and I could go to Maundy Thursday service). Who wants to bet me $10 that when I get home they're in front of the tv. Never fails, I leave B with Hubby and I get home and he's watching tv. Even on Saturdays when I leave them for less than an hour to go workout, I come home and he's been in front of the tv for nearly the whole time.
*My work knitting group used to have 6-7 regular members. Now, it's me and another knitter who has been working from home on Thursdays, so I sit with a non-knitter friend and occasional others. I try not to let it get me down. It's not like the former members left me for another knitting group, they're either at different companies or on different continents.

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