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Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm so excited. I did cast-on for my Jaywalkers yesterday. Don't they look neat?

I'm very much enjoying them. The pattern is very similar to some of the other chevrons I've done. It's easily memorized, but not as boring as knitting around and around and around.

I hope to be able to wear them for Halloween.

This is going to be a CRAZY week chez Netter.

Hubby's not going to be home at all after work all week. Tonight, we'll have dinner together then he has a church meeting. Tomorrow and Wednesday he's going to Yankee playoffs (lucky dog). Thursday he has a work reception (for their NY office). Friday we get in the car to go to VT for the big weeding! So, I have lots to do on top of single parenting. Errands, packing, laundry, I have to pick up my dress, follow-up with my psychopharmacologist, not to mention garter to finish, card to buy. Aaagh! I'm not feeling stressed. Just a bit amped up!

I finished (all but washing, blocking and weaving ends) two red scarves this weekend. I did the second Melody as a basketweave. I'll try to get some pics ammidst all the craizness. Later this month, after I finish Mom's birthday sweater, I'll start on some of the other stashed red scarf stuff (I'm thinking a bias-knit scarf from some Mr Joe Sangria).


Susan said...

Oh, those are starting out nicely. I think that marriage of yarn and pattern is a good one. And I loved your wedding typo. . . Freudian slip? ;-)

Julie said...

Those socks are going to be so cool!

Yarngirl said...

Those socks are really neat! And you enjoy your busy week and the wedding!