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Thursday, October 26, 2006

slow flow

An hour bus ride and two hours tv time (although, I can't knit fast and stare at a half-naked Sawyer) and I only got 30 rows done.

At this rate, I'll need two more knitting days (6 hours) to get to the armhole shaping, one more day to get the knitting done and who knows how long for the finishing. Picking up and knitting armholes as well as the neckline.

Mom better love this sweater. I have to wear a band-aid on my right middle finger because the cotton stitches on the needles are giving me a serious callous.

I so want to knit another one of these in a different yarn for myself. I'm even thinking of making it more camisole-like with narrower shoulders (just wide enough to cover my bra straps).

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