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Friday, September 29, 2006

Socktoberfest and an accordian melody

I signed up (number 181) for Socktoberfest and promptly forgot all about it until Lolly's post today. I think it calls for a new pair of socks to be cast on this weekend. I've got lots of sock yarn. Which says Autumn to me the most. I think a pair of Jaywalkers in Opal Zebra! (Kind of like these, which is where I got the idea.) Don't they just scream Halloween to you?

Earlier this week, I just couldn't face my UFOs and wanted something mindless to work on. So, I started my first of many Red Scarves for 2007. I've been stashing red yarn from Elann for a few weeks and picked out this Austermann Melody in Wild Cherry for the first scarf. I'm alternating rows of garter stitch with stockinette, to keep it easy. I just started the second ball and think I can get two scarves out of the four balls I have. The best part is the yarn was free! I'd finally earned my first Elann dollars and my last purchase (8 balls for scarves and 3 to re-work Billy's Portofino jacket) was totally free!

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'll be doing the lining on my purse, finishing this scarf and starting a new pair of socks!


Lolly said...

Well, there really is no rule about when to cast on - you can start now! :) I am hoping to start working with that Yarn Pirate soon!

Thanks for being a part of it, A!

Susan said...

Oh, go for it! I loved knitting the Opal Zebra Jaywalkers. I have more of that yarn stashed so I can knit myself a pair.