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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here, let me rationalize that for you

I was lying in bed last night, not able to sleep. See, I was a might bit cranky about it taking me two hours to get home yesterday. Left the office just after four, got in the driveway at 6, and was five minutes late to pick up the B. Why, oh why, can't people drive in the rain?

So, even though the medds are working, I was feeling irritable and mighty awake at 11 pm. As my mind wandered, I kept trying to turn it from work and onto happier thoughts. Like fiber. Which made me think of my ever increasing stash of yarn (and fabric, oh the sewing plans I have). I feel a bit guilty about the uptick in fiber flow these last few weeks. What with 12 balls of Phildar preface, 10 balls of Rowan Plaid (in seagull, to be a nice smooshy sweater for F-i-L's birthday), 10 unexpected balls of cork and that's just last week's eBay. I also have Twilley's Denim for B's birthday sweater, 18 balls of Elsebeth Lavold Silky wool and Silky Tweed, Elite Classic Silk (in raspberry), and Jaeger Trinity in Clay.

As the guilt built up, and the shame at hoarding so much lovely fiber, it dawned on me that I may not always be able to indulge myself like this. Someday, we'll have less expendable income (like if we ever have child 2, or when B goes off to colloge, or when one of us retires). Since yarn doesn't go bad, I'll have what I've bought in the last few years for as long as I keep it.

That means that even when I can't buy more yarn, I can still knit. And we all know, knitting is like breathing and the thought of not having anything to knit chills me to the bones.

So, I may be stashing, but it's not hoarding and it's not compulsive. No, in truth. It's responsible retirement planning. Yep, I'm re-christening my stash. It's now the Yarn01K.

In other news, the hour and a half bus ride enabled me to get nearly another repeat done. Fewer than 20 rows to go for the back to be done. I'd post a pic, but Blogger's being unhelpful!


Ruth said...

I think your rationale is absolutely sound - I bought a ton of yarn on spec over the last six months, in the knowledge that our cash flow was going to drop precipitously once we moved to Whistler.

CygKnit said...

I agree that your reasoning is entirely sound. I was embarassed about my yarn acquisitions--until the closest yarn store in 25 miles closed. Now, when I *must* cast something, I stash dive. I feel very clever for being so forward-thinking. You should, too.