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Monday, October 23, 2006

Quick recap of my non-Rhinebeck weekend:

Finishing go with the flow's back: good with a Spanish white

Sangria and Tapas at Cervantes of Spain: Excellente

Children of Eden: not so much, performances were great but I didn't really like the book or music
Dentist with B: pretty good, he's got an appointment for his first cleaning in May (my dentist really needs to work more Saturdays)

Casting on the front of go with the flow: okay, wow that's a lot of counting, though

Napping on the couch with Molly: the bestest cuddler in the world is my doggie, as long as you can get past the snoring

Dinner with the in-laws last night: good. We had Hubby's traditional birthday request of lamb and apple crisp

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