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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

zigging to zag

I'm still into these socks. Not much knitting done on them last night. I made some progress on the way home, but had to rip out a couple of rows becuase I missed a double decrease and I found out you can't drop back to fix that. Then, I didn't get to touch them after I got home. I made dinner, put Billy to bed, did dishes and the recyclables, and did work for two hours. Blech. But, I have to leave early today and I can do it without eating into the few vacation/sick hours I have left for the year.

Tonight, I've got to pick up scrips and other essentials (cosmetics, lotion, cereal). I'm taking Billy out for dinner. After he's in bed, I've got to clean up the bathroom and do a little more tidying. {M-i-L and F-i-L are coming over tomorrow to watch B while I pick up my bridesmaid's dress (did I mention Hubby's going to the Yankee playoffs and won't be home all week).} If it's not bed time when I finish the tidying I have to finish the second garter. The bride might want to be able to have it Saturday.

Stitching lunch today, so I should have some appreciable progress on the socks.

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emily said...

I so love that yarn. Is it the Opal rainforest zebra yarn? In any case, I yearn for black and white stripe yarn like that.