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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

half a pair and a contest

I finished the first garter last night. The knitting is done on the second one as well. It just needs to be seamed up. The bride is very happy with the pictures I've sent up. I have warned that they're like little sweaters. I wish I'd been able to find something similar in a lighter weight. Oh well.

The leftovers are going to become a little reticule for me for the wedding. I'm winging it.

I have a slight dilemma and it's been compounded by the fact that I've been putting the task off. My sister has asked that I give a toast at the wedding (she's got a maid of honor and a matron and she and her fiance think that the matron, me, will do a great job). Problem is, I've never done a toast in my life. I don't think raising my glass and yelling "Social!" will cut it.

So, readers o' mine, I want to know what the best toasts you've ever heard or given were. A prize will go to a random entry. What prize? Something from my stash. I'm thinking some dk alpaca that's been marinating.... Deadline, Monday at midnight. E-mail me at byhookorpointedstick at yahoo dot com or leave a comment.


Susan said...

The best toasts are something about the bride and groom are together. I think the best one I ever heard was a story about how the bride and groom broke up while they were dating, and what the groom did to win the bride back and how that built a foundation for their future together. I toast giver then handed the couple a brick.

Julie said...

The best one I heard was "To Dan and Deb... you deserve each other." Which was just FULL of double meaning because Deb was a drama queen and Dan was a complete nitwit about relationships. But it sure was funny.

kim said...

the worst one I've heard was when the best man got very drunk and started telling stories from the bachelor party... however, the same best man gave a great toast at the rehearsal dinner about his memories of his brother and new sister-in-law and how perfect they are together, how they found each other, etc.

Marie-Michèle said...

ok, here goes my favorite toast... it's my own translation, so it might not flow as well as it was originally intented, but anyway, you'll get the idea.
May you everyday find the way to put sunshine in each other's heart and stars in each other's eyes.
as they say in the movie "wedding crasher", keep it simple, i'm sure you'll do a great job!