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Thursday, September 21, 2006


That's how I feel these days. Guess tissue levels are finally therapeutic and we've got my allergies knocked down. Work is still slogging, but we're getting some help in.

I'm zonked because they are again working on underground power lines on my block and the lights from the police car used to protect the machinery (24 hour police presence every day they are there, with lights on) keeps me from getting back to sleep when I wake up. Good thing flashing lights aren't a migraine trigger for me. Last night they had an unmarked car out in front of my neighbor's house and the white lights on the back are like strobes pouring into my bedroom windows. Fortunately, they're taking a break on our block after tomorrow. I don't understand why this has been going on all summer, but so long as I can walk down the street and get out of my driveway, I'll try to not bitch too much.

Billy's been great lately. A bear to get to sleep, but so much fun. He'd had another ear infection and now that it's knocked down (he's got our horrible seasonal allergies and any type of mucous leads to clogged ears and an infection until his eustachion tubes are fully developed), he's a treat. Tuesday night we had back to school night. Hubby and I were sitting there listening to Ms. Jean and she finished her spiel and asked if anyone had any questions. One mom said "yes, who are Billy's parents?" We sheepishly raised our hands and she said it was nothing bad, she wanted to thank us for having Billy. Seems her little boy had grown quite attached and having a buddy at school is making the transition easier for her and her son. Billy's now one of the older kids in his class with a new crop of 2s this month. And, he's an old hand at this daycare thing. Such a sunny, loving personality. I really wish I knew where he got it from. Hubby and I are a bit on the aloof and crotchety side!

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Yarngirl said...

Sounds like you need one of those sleep masks - I love mine - it even helps me fall asleep when I'm not being distracted by extraneous light sources. And I'm sure Little B has gotten a lot of his wonderful traits from you guys - you just don't realize it yet!