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Thursday, July 13, 2006

yep, I know, it's boring looking at the same sock everyday

I promise things will be more exciting around here tomorrow, but until I get the button on and pics of me wearing Cece, all you get is more of the chevron sock.

I did finish the heel last night. I'm not 100% pleased with the kitchener on the heel. If I have time, I'll probably rip and fix it.

I've decided I don't like the in-place afterthought heel. It's too fiddly and I don't like having to weave in the extra ends.

I do have some excitement. I'm concerned I might run out of yarn. Yeah, I know, what knitter hasn't gone through that. I'll just have to knit faster to see if there's enough.

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Dipsy said...

Wow, your sock looks great already - I love those colors, they're so happy and cheerful! Fingers crossed that you'll have enough yarn to finish them! Happy Knitting!