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Monday, July 10, 2006

third try's a charming little sock

This is the third iteration of this sock. First, I tried the baby cable from Sensational Socks. Nope, all stitch detail was being lost in the colorway. Next, I tried the ridged feather and fan. Not a big fan of garter stitch ridges in the small striping. So, I'm trying the chevron sock (all from the same book). I'm thinking I like it. Goal is to have it finished by 7/27, since I'll be seeing the recipient on 7/28.

In other news, Cece rapidly approaches FO status. I finished the knitting last night. Now all I need to do is seam the under arm, sew on the neckband and weave in ends. I'll do that tonight so I can block her and have her ready to debut on Friday> Our group's next stitch lunch is Friday so that's the perfect day to take her out.

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Yarngirl said...

That pattern really shows off the socks colors nicely - can't wait to see Cece - she has a addition now for 3/4 sleeves.......