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Thursday, July 27, 2006

would it have been worse to hem it?

I finished the apron last night. Whew. Someone explain to me how the tension on my bobbin can get screwed up when nothing else has changed in 24 hours? At one point I swore so loudly, Hubby came up to make sure I wasn't bleeding. I think it's cute, just don't look too closely at the stitching. Next time, I either use wider binding tape, or, I make the reversible one.

I finished the knitting on the potholder and then bleached all the off-white white. I'll get that finished up tonight (weave ends and crochet the pieces together). I couldn't bring it to work on the bus because the pieces are still drying. Then I need to wrap the gifts, do the dishes and pack.

Normally, I look forward to long drives as being lots of knitting time. I probably won't knit much more than a few stitches all weekend (depends on how things go if I'll have down time). Wish me luck travelling with the B by myself for 6 hours in the car.

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kim said...

the apron is so cute! i really love the fabric.